What Makes Le Meilleur Bread Special?

For most of our breads we use a wild yeast known as sourdough culture and most organic flours. Sourdough culture contains natural yeast and creates enzymes needed to predigest starches and proteins in grain. The sourdough process creates the natural leavening for complex structures and flavors you taste in Le Meilleur Bread.

  • Breaks Down Gluten – The longer fermentation/rising time breaks the proteins (gluten) down into amino acids, making it more easily digested. This is why some who have a gluten sensitivity can tolerate sourdough wheat bread.
  • Better Nutrition – Like all other sourdough processes, the bacteria present in the sourdough culture eats the starch and sugars present in the grain. Resulting in a lower carbohydrate content.
  • Natural Preservative  – The lactic acid in the bread creates a mild tang. The acetic acid produced during our sourdough process helps our bread store longer.
  • Neutralizes Phytic Acid – The bacteria present in sourdough culture helps to activate Phytase, an enzyme that breaks down an anti -nutrients present in grains and seeds that strip your body of vitamins and minerals and can be hard on your digestion.

Essentially, the sourdough process creates a healthier and more delicious loaf of bread.

What Makes Le Meilleur Bread Special?

Throughout the week Le Meilleur will be offering:

  • Traditional San Francisco
  • Baguettes
  • Multigrain Bread
  • Power Bread
  • Olive Bread
  • Chocolate Sourdough Bread
  • French Country
  • Raisin Semolina
  • Whole Wheat
    Sausage de Vin
    Pain Au Lait Rolls
    Assorted Rolls

*These breads are scheduled different days of the week. Special ordering is available.